Monday, October 17, 2011

Metung Sept 2011


  1. Any trip we go on, I take my camera. I love my camera and Geoff always says I will wear it out. Each night I have to recharge the battery because I use it so much. I love to paint on location, but with someone else with you, you can't always do the camera is the next best option and then by the end of even a small trip, I have material to paint from at home. I find it exciting to look at what I have captured on my camera ready for painting later. I am also guilty of yelling "stop the car" very often as we travel the countryside. I am not popular with Geoff for this when we are travelling at 100 ks an hour and there is someone driving close behind. Never the less, most of the time, MOST of the time, he is willing to pull over...and I get some shots. My photos are much better with digital cameras because I have had so much practise. As a child my film would have 10 or 12 shots only and it was expensive to print also. I had to save up for this. So I would have to save my shots (and film) for the best thing to photograph and could not be the snap happy person I am today! I am so glad this has changed! Have a good day!

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